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Made to Last: a compendium of artisans, trades and projects is my first book.

It was released by Hardie Grant in November 2017. So far, it has been distributed in more than 10 countries and published in English, German and Mandarin. Here’s the back cover blurb…

In a world full of mass-produced, disposable goods, there is a movement focused on sourcing unique and durable products that reflect true craftsmanship. 756_Made-to-Last-3D

Made to Last is a celebration of these products and the tradespeople behind their creation. Some products have been made by hand, others with cutting-edge technology, yet each has been designed and crafted with care.
Made to Last features 50 artisans from around the world and details the products they create, the tools they use, and the secrets of their craft. With DIY projects included, readers can become creators themselves, and develop the skills to bring unique products to life. Learn how luthiers make electric guitars or horologists make wristwatches, and try your hand at making a bamboo bicycle or bathtub gin. The products and projects included are extensive and varied, from everyday useful to wildly imaginative. Be inspired to make, care for or repair some treasures of your own.